Customized for your Preferences

Do you host a golf tournament each year, or have you thought about starting one and just don’t know where to begin?  Count on us and let us share our experiences and resources with you.  

Let’s schedule a brief phone call and we’d be glad to share our tips for selecting a course, format, scoring, and other advice we’ve learned over the years.

Pick and choose from our list of services that would best help you.  We can provide any or all of the following options:
  • Online Package:  We can put your tournament online (tournament overview, participant registration, rules, pairings, live scoring, live leaderboard).
  • Onsite Package:  We can provide resources you’ll need on the day of the tournament such as player-sign in sheets, cart signs, scoreboards, and much more. 
  • 1st Tee Starter Package:  We can equip your starter with local rules, first tee announcements, and much more.
  • Fellowship Package:  We can equip you with materials and resources needed for the fellowship portion of your event.  
Just let us do it!  Our 6×12 tournament trailer is loaded and we’re ready to hit the road.  It would be our pleasure to be onsite and take the burden off you.  Let us do it all, from creating your online presence, to player check-in, to live scoring, first tee announcements, and much more! 
Meanwhile, you focus on connecting with the participants, and hopefully playing in the tournament yourself.