1st Annual Holiday Cup (College Team Match Play)

Attention college players and college coaches! Please email sbsgolfdirector@gmail.com if you're interested in this event


Dec 28 - 30 2022

Event Status: TENTATIVE (in planning)

Event Description:

Step by Step Golf is considering the possibility of hosting a new team match play tournament at the end of 2022 (the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day).  Participants will compete with three other team members who are all active participants on a college team.

If you are a player or a coach that would be interested in this event, please email us at sbsgolfdirector@gmail.com.

The event would be modeled after The Memorial Cup, which includes onsite fellowship gatherings in the evenings.

It is critical for us to measure interest level now, so please let us know!

LINK TO GOLF CLUB:  To be determined

LINK TO HOTEL PARTNER:  To be determined

Who’s Eligible?

  1. Male and female golfers currently enrolled in college and on the roster of the golf team
  2. Each team will consist of three golfers from the same college/university.  Each college/university may submit more than one team.
  3. SBSG special invitations

The 5-Part “Secret Sauce” includes:

  • Team format:  This is team match play, very similar to the NCAA finals.
  • World Class Venue:  We’re currently negotiating with several locations, all of which are PHENOMENAL.
  • Tournament Feel:  Enjoy first tee announcements, live scoring, on-course officials, and many other tournament features.
  • Modified Rules:  Unlike other SBSG events, this one will be played by the book!
  • Fellowship Gathering:  This is more than just golf.  SBS Ministry will host an inspiring and life-changing fellowship gathering.